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Deleting pages from the wiki

A couple weeks ago, you deleted many pages from the wiki which I don't think should have been deleted. After talking to you briefly about it on IM, I undeleted most of them, because I see the wiki revision history as an important part of Noisebridge's history. Now I see you have deleted a couple more. I totally agree with you that Patrick's Reservations page was misguided, but I think the appropriate course of action is to replace it with a redirect and keep its history visible. This way, if someone else wants to create a similar page in the future, they can be informed by what has happened previously. Especially with a page like that which someone clearly still wanted to develop further, it seems to me like an abuse of your wiki admin privileges to delete it. I have undeleted it and replaced it with a redirect. I hope that in the future you will refrain from deleting pages which are not outright abusive/spam/etc or who's deletion was requested by the page's primary author. Thanks! - Leif 19:38, 20 February 2011 (UTC)