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AKA Kelly, Noisebridge's 2011-2012 Treasurer.

I make a lot of anonymous edits, but I try to log in for important-seeming ones. Here's my contributions.

Feel free to comment or question here but you're probably better off emailing me at hurtstotouchfire (gmail) for hacking and stuff, or for money stuff.

[edit] Notes from talk with Brian

  • paypal is a credit card or a bank account, wepay accepts both, what's the difference?
  • wepay accepts money from credit and bank accounts
  • wepay allows for separate accounts for tracking income streams
  • allows for widgety buttons on websites, etc

[edit] Notes on Oogles talk

  • people should want to be a part of the community
    • evidenced by mailing list, tues meeting, some form of official communication
  • what are unacceptable ways to enforce noisebridge's purpose

im out of town, I wont be able to make it to tonight's meeting. I have put my inprogress up on github: my email is that username at gmail. Dj ryan

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