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hello everyone. my name is l.v and i have been coming to noisebridge for the last 2 or 3 months. i was invited by the tenderloin tech lab and robert. since i been here, i have learned so much about computers, the internet, programmers and all the events you offer as well. also been taking linux 101 classes. in order to give something back to the community, i have been the one cleaning the kitchen and keeping the place as clean as i can. of course with 4 or 5 other people as well. since i am not a member of your community, i would someday like to become one as i am really into this. technology, electronics, cool people, the environment itself is the bomb. what i am asking: is there anyway i can have my own code for the buzzer so i won't get stuck outside for 10 or 20 mins like tonight. i am very caucious about who comes in, gets buzzed in. sometimes when the buzzer rings, i go downstairs to see who it is to be on the safe side. i don't know everyone, but i never forget faces as well. a good judge of character and i try to help anyway i can with the community. i even let some of the guys stay at my place to keep down the sleeping here because its forbidden. i have my own apartment in the tenderloin and do what i can in anyway to help. all i'm asking for is my own code to let myself in. if one of you can help me i would really appreciate it very much. thank you noisebridge members and all the people that make this place possible. i love this place. keep up the good work for the community and everyone.....hack

Levon Washington....aka L.V

Re: not being there these days[edit]

hello everyone at noise bridge:

my deepest apologies for not being around in the last several weeks. i needed a break from the drama. my brain has been on overload and plus i have a lot of personal family business i'm dealing with at this time. still looking for work and getting ready for school in march.....going to ccsf. my major will be network engineering thanks to you guys. i realize the mathematics is gonna kick my but, at least i will be in a classroom setting so i can truly understand what i'm doing. for some of us, it takes a little time for the knowledge to sink in as i am wiswer, not however i will do my very best to succeed at this because its what i want to be doing for my new career. i thank each and every one of you for guiding me in the right direction and helping me to learn the different aspects of programming and languages. never would have learned any of the things i know now without you. thanks to rayc, mick, shawn, ken, eric, cliff, zephyr, jonathan, mitch, dan, liz, ramon, daniella, kevin, nick, andrew, zach, and the list goes on. too many to name, some names i forgot its been so long since i been there. i am alright. for what its worth.....i wish each and everyone of you a very happy new year. may all your dreams come true for you in the near future. i will return soon one of these upcoming evenings. needed time to clear my head.

hope all of you are well. be positive and smile everyday, no mater what or how bad the day love