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How do I contact you to play D&D? What Church?

X: I haven't been by in a while, since I moved out of the area. However, I'm back in town, now and interested in playing things again. I can be reached at [my user name]am at gmail.

dungeons and dragons[edit]

    Hello, is this an "in person" game only? or is there a way to play online? I have been both player, and dungeon master on many occasions and have been playing for over 32 years. I have setup a d&d campaign before on a computer server where players from all over would sign into the private website and play that way. If anyone would be interested in a remote game like this I still have an open web server which I could dedicate to an online game.  I also have a complete campaign as well as individual "module" type adventures including maps, monster and npc populations, graphically designed dungeons, wilderness areas, and towns, etc.
    If anyone would be interested in playing that type of game, or if y'all have a way I could join your existing game remotely (I live in Washington state), please let me know.  I would also like to see if you have any classes, or discussion groups that I could join online please let me know what's available and how I could access them.  Thank you.

Mathew Romines

X: Right now there is no game. I'm open to gathering a new one together, but I prefer in-person groups. Thanks for the offer, though!