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Hello, I'm really "Aaron" in real-life, but sometimes like to call myself "sfgiantsace36" after the favorite MLB team of many of us. Favorite forms of hacking are - Hardware hacking (desktop PCs, RPi,...etc) - Linux distro-hacking (SysAdmin, bash/py scripting, multibooting,...etc) - Server/router setups (HW, firewall, web,...etc) - Skills development

Very much NOT into the drama and ego-play that has gone-down at Noisebridge ever since I first started visiting ~1.5 yrs ago! Love to absorb & learn new material though, w/o having to endure the less-short speeches of some of the classes and some of the wkly meetings.

Cheers, sfgiantsace36 aaronco36@

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  • Jarrod sponsors sfgiantsace36 for associate membership at Noisebridge.