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Its a cart with a decent VR-ready computer and some monitors and nice AV hookups!</>

to use[edit]

How to use noisebridge vr computer

If computer is off There is either a problem with the computer or it was accidentally turned off.

To turn back on Unplug red cord on wall left of computer and plug back in

If this does not work, go to hackatorium and ask if anyone can turn on vr machine

If no one can please email discuss with “vr computer broken- can someone contact pyconaut”

To log into computer Computer log in is nbvrnbvr

To play games or experiences in vr

Open steam

If not logged in User noisebridge Password nbvrnbvr

Go to library (Second tab at top of steam page) Choose game, or Scroll to vr games

Open game

Put on VR headset


To end session[edit]

1. Delete all personal documents after use 2. Close all software 3. Put computer to sleep


Software available[edit]

Steam Unity Fusion 360 Obs Chomodo Chrome Firefox Onenote VLC Sketchup Audacity

Downloading software[edit]

Please don't unless necessary (we have very little room for software.) If necessary, please uninstall software after use