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Vegan Hacker is a really fun vegan (no meat, milk, dairy, eggs, etc) food hacking event that happens on the last Thursday of every month. The goal is to get together and "veganize" a traditionally non-vegan food group-- and then get a little crazy with it. Previous Vegan Hacker events have made twinkies, corn dogs, COOKIES, fondue, burgers, and more! Everyone is welcome to participate. Contact us if you have questions, comments, or an idea for a hack!

Life got really full, and Vegan Hacker SF is therefore currently on a hiatus! I want to bring it back but I'm not totally sure when that's going to happen. If YOU, Yes, YOU (!) want to run it for a while, let me know! The basic responsibilities are to put together a concept and ad and promote it on all our social media (and sometimes to outside events sites) about halfway through the month, and then show up early for the actual event, lead it, clean up, and then post pictures/a recap on our blog.

Visit our website ( to get further details about each hack, pictures & descriptions of what we made, announcements, and other fun stuff.

Maggie of Vegan Hacker can be contacted at VeganHackerSF at gmail dot com.

vegan hacker sf also has a facebook page. And a Twitter account.!/veganhackerSF