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So you're at 2169 Mission and hungry, AND you're vegan? Boy do we have things for you!!

Fear not! The mission is full of vegan friendly joints! And all of these places are REALLY GOOD! (Even good for your total carnivore friends.)


Minako - 2154 Mission St - organic Japanese food with many explicitly vegan options, across the street a bit $$$, slowish service, and not always open; but super duper good & Judy & her mom are hella awesome
Cha-ya - 762 Valencia -is vegan organic Japanese food
Indochine - 508 Valencia St, off 16th street - This is more Asian fusion, but the sushi was the bomb so I'm filing it under Japanese. This place is ridiculously good.


Big Lantern - 16th just past Valencia - passable chinese, their salty spicy fried tofu is pretty delish
Mission Chinese - 2234 Mission, a few doors south of 18th - really good Chinese (but often super crowded). The sign out front says "Lung Shan", which is another restaurant with the same dining hall.


Sunflower - Valencia and 16th - some vegan options, lot of food for the $


Osha - 819 Valencia, near 19th St. - Kinda expensive but really good, open until midnight?
Yamo - 3406 Valencia, near Mission St. -- Really good, very reasonably priced. There's often a line to get in, but it moves fast. Eat in the small dining area, or get your food to go.


Udupi Palace - 1007 Valencia Street all veg, great, helpful with vegan requests, cash only. Very good Southern Indian food (and not as loud as Dosa).
Dosa - 995 Valencia [1]] (see they have a dietary needs pdf, wow, seems usable for gluten free too!) Great Southern Indian food, but super LOUD!
Alhamra - 3083 16th St., near Valencia - really good Northern Indian food. Sit down and chill.
Pak Wan - 3180 16th St., near Guerrero - really good Northern Indain food. Kinda fast.


The Mission obviously has a ton of amazing burrito joints (and other Mexican food) - but here are some that are vegan friendly without hassle:

Papalote - 3409 24th Street -
(some say the best vegan burritos in SF)
Pancho Villa -3071 16th St -
El Castillito - 2092 Mission, near 17th St. - great vegan burritos!
Can Cun - 2288 Mission, near 19th St. - great vegan burritos!
El Buen Sabor - 699 Valencia, at 18th St. - They even have tofu burritos.
Gracias Madre - 2211 Mission, near 18th St. - incredibly good vegan restaurant that even total carnivores will love! But, OMF-ingG, this place is so LOUD!


Ike's Place - 3506 16th St - FUCK YEAH!! (super big vegan menu no on board but in binder/onweb)


Herbivore - 983 Valencia Street - all vegan, good for breakfast/brunch until 2pm
Weird Fish - 2193 Mission Street - don't let the name fool you, great vegan brunch until 3pm
Monk's Kettle - 16th and Valencia - vegan chili, veggie burger are awesome
Frijtz - 590 Valencia, near 17th St. - Belgian fries, fake chicken sammich by request, vegan sauces available, play like you are David Bowman in the back of the Hayes street location. Frjtz
Gestault - 3159 16th St., between Valencia & Guerrero - Grungy bar that serves Tofukey sausages.

Middle Eastern[edit]

Truly Mediterranean - 3109 16th St., near Valencia (next to Roxie Theater). Really good falafel. Try the falafel deluxe (which comes with potatoes and eggplant)! Some seating, but this is really a to-go place.
Old Jeruselum -- 2976 Mission, near 26th St. - Absolutely the best falafel in SF (and just about anywhere).
Ali Baba's Cave - 799 Valencia, at 19th St. - Good food all the way around.


Southpaw BBQ and Southern Cooking - 2170 Mission St. - right across the street! New vegetarian & vegan menu items. Sandwiches, entrees, delicious sides.

Know a good vegan-friendly place?[edit]

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Outside the Mission District[edit]

El Balazo - 1654 Haight St - (415) 864-2140 - fantastic burritos including "Joe's Burrito" for vegans
Herbivore - Divisadero Street - another location
Ananada Fuara - Market Street
Millennium upscale vegan dining - some of the best in the world, helps to make reservations $$$$
Saha - 1075 Sutter Street - - Same caliber as Millenium, but not as expensive.
Rosamunde's - on Haight -
Citris Club - Upper Haight - pan asian
King of Thai Noodles - 5th and Mission - open until 2am
Sparky's Diner - open 24/7 with some vegan options
Naan N' Curry - O'Farrel - will make vegan food upon request
Zante's - Cortland and Mission - vegan pizza options (indian pizza??)
Lucky Creation - 854 Washington St - (415) 989-0818 - awesome wheat gluten and generally good chinese. vegan.