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Wall art murals decorate Noisebridge with beauty and culture.
  • WALL ARTISTS: Bandersnatch, Sailor Mercury

Current Art Proposals/Projects[edit]

PROPOSAL: Let's reprint our murals as Portable Murals and put them up again! 2169 had some awesome murals like the Tesla, Margaret Hamilton, SparkleForge, Equation Wall, Donation Sign, and FoxLounge.
PROPOSAL: Let's make more of the Women in our hacker culture mural series!

272 Wall Art[edit]

Circuit Hacking Wall

Electronics mural.png

A new mural at the top of the stairs of a person doing circuit hacking.

2169 Murals to be reprinted[edit]

Margaret Hamilton[edit]

Margaret Hamilton is the Apollo Space Program computer scientist featured in one of the murals on the Noisebridge walls. Part of the Women in our hacker culture mural project. Let's do more!



The Tesla mural features everybody's favorite wireless inventor.


  • Artist: Add name here

Equation Wall[edit]

The Equation Wall featured some of the most profound equations known to humankind. Million of hours of work has gone into discovering the 30 core equations that relate to the natural laws that govern our existence.


FoxLounge was a chill space beside the 2169 library.


Ada Lovelace Portrait[edit]

We have a framed portrait of Ada Lovelace.

Alan Turing Metal Plaque[edit]

We have an etched metal plaque that is usually attached to the Turing Room.

PROPOSAL: Do a matching plaque for Church.

CCC Flag[edit]

We have a white skull on black flag from the Chaos Communications Club.


Spakle Forge Logo.jpg