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"Mozilla Webmakers Summer Code Party Logo"

Logistics[edit | edit source]

  • What: Kick off Mozilla's Summer Code Party in style with a Noisebridge hack jam.
  • When: Sunday June 24th, starting at 14:00
  • Where: The Hackatorium, Noisebridge's main common area
  • Why: Because the web is the platform, and you want to be the future.
  • RSVP: It'd be great to know how many people are coming, so RSVP

For questions, contact Tom.

What's up?[edit | edit source]

Bring your laptop and your brain, because we're going going to get started with the power of the web. We're kicking off Mozilla's Summer Web Party for Webmakers with a weekend of code around SF, and Noisebridge is a #1 location. Learn about the Webmakers project and the Summer Code party, discover the power of the web, and see how you can put your Frontend Web Development skills to good use!

If you're new to making things on the web come by to get started and learn. If you're already an HTML5 ninja, help others out. We'll be showing inspirational videos, helping folks get started, and giving out inspirational projects to work on.


FAQ[edit | edit source]

What is Mozilla's Summer Code Party?[edit | edit source]

It's Mozilla's big summer campaign. Kicking off June 23rd and running all summer long. It's all about helping people learn the basics of coding and the web by making and building together. With tools, resources and events that make it easy and social. It's 100% free, open and fun.

Who should come?[edit | edit source]

Anyone who wants to learn the web, learn how to code and make stuff with new tools. Or just increase your general web literacy.

  • Volunteer teachers and instructors. From code Yodas and ninjas to peer learning around your own kitchen table.
  • Developers, designers, open web geeks. Help build learning tools, resources and curriculum.
  • Partners organizations and communities. Gather under our big summer umbrella, so that we can all make and learn together.

What is Mozilla bringing to the party?[edit | edit source]

  • Tools. Software, authoring tools and webmaker apps that take the fear out of code and help people learn by making.
  • Resources. Recipes, kits, curriculum and how-tos. Fun summer projects anyone can take on quickly. The web equivalent of building your first birdhouse. Or light saber.
  • Events. Festivals, camps, learning labs and kitchen table meet-ups around the world. Plus a platform and way to share your own meet-ups, courses, teach-ins or kitchen table makefests.

Learn More[edit | edit source]