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While at the Shenzhen Mini Maker Faire in April, I met Andy, of Weistek, who makes 3-D printers. She insisted that they send one to Noisebridge. Here is a PPT they sent me (all in Chinese).



So, it's .. um .. a makerbot clone? Running the text through machine translation results in:

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Tektronix Technology Co., Ltd. Shenzhen-dimensional show, by stay Debo Shi was founded in May 2011, is the first professional engaged in a personal 3D printer, 3D teaching instrument, 
3D printing supplies, 3D product design, development, production, saleshigh-tech enterprises. Division I with a group from across the country within the industry's top talent, the production 
of products with independent intellectual property rights. Is the leading enterprise in domestic personal 3D printer field. At the same time, in Hubei also has 550 acres of professional supplies 
production base. Division I has a young, creative and highly educated R & D team; excellent working environment and a large production base, with rich production experience and professional 
technical guidance to ensure that our reliable product quality.
As a leading enterprise in the field of personal 3D printing, the Shenzhen-dimensional show Tektronix Technology Co., Ltd. in the self-development, and attaches great importance to the 
cultural development of the individual 3D printing industry. Not only do we provide spare parts and technical guidance to help individuals 3D printing enthusiasts assemble their own personal 
3D printer, also set up a 3D Print Gallery. Our company has gradually become a personal 3D printing enthusiasts to share trusted platform.
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Our production of three-dimensional printers, supplies affordable
Is the preferred instrument for Shouban, model design, research and development proofing ...
Welcome to consult