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PRO-MIG 180 WELDER[edit]

Model: K2481-1

Noisebridge ProMig 180 Welder.png

Here is the product:


Here is the user manual:


If you don't want to read the manual, here is Lincoln Electirc's video on how to use the welder:


Welding Setup[edit]

There are two methods of using this welder. Inner-shield and Gas Shielded. The primary goal is to avoid oxygen contact with the welding surface. When steel reaches a high temperature it reacts with the oxygen and produces very sloppy welds. When welding unshielded you will see sputtering and a lot of sparks.

  • Inner Shield (Flux Core) relies on using wire that has an interior material that (when heated) will offgas and form a non-reactive gas layer around the welding surface. You accomplish this by purchasing flux core wire and loading it into the machine (see instructions in manual/video)
  • Gas Shield relies on an exterior tank of non-reactive gas (typically Argon) to provide a gas layer around the welding surface. This is the preferred method of welding, as it provides a more thorough gas protection around the weld surface, but requires a supply of Argon.


Before welding - you must ground the piece that you are working on. There is a large alligator clip attached to the welder. This MUST BE clamped to your work piece, or the (metal) table that your piece is resting on.