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A guide to tracking things down that might be in several different places.

Updating this guide[edit | edit source]

It is Excellent to update this guide to update things that have moved around or add new items that aren't on it.

If the thing seems likely to move, please also leave a date seen so other people can have an idea of when it was last known to be there.

Key[edit | edit source]

Location Description
Church 2nd floor, last room at the back, AKA the music room/classroom
Electronics room 2nd floor, middle room
Front area just inside rolling door
Hackitorium the main area with tables to sit at
Metal Shop the back wall of the first floor, in the same area as the woodshop
Porch the outside area in front
RNA Lounge 2nd floor at the front of the space, with the couch
Soldering station the electronics area in the Hackitorium
Soldering station drawers rolling drawers with soldering station supplies (2021-10: behind Flaschen Taschen, on back side of lockers)
Sewing room 2nd floor, first room at the front
Sewing room drawers chest of 12 drawers in the sewing room (to the left of the entrance)
Supply shelf white shelf on wall outside of Turing, just outside the Hackitorium
Turing the small room near the entrance, with the 3d printers in it
Turing Drawers stack of drawers in Turing containing office supplies
Woodshop at the back of the first floor
Woodshop cart red tool cart in woodshop (to open drawers, lift top lid, then slide black catch on drawer handle sideways)
Missing Currently AWOL, please update if you find it

Index of objects[edit | edit source]

Description Location
2D Paper Printer Turing
3D Printers Turing
3D Printers, unknown status Electronics room (back right corner)
Board games RNA Lounge
Bolts see Screws
Box cutter Supply shelf
Brooms Hackitorium (in front corner near closet behind stairs)
Chairs Church (2021-10)
Chairs Front area (2021-10: stacks of them near the Hackitorium)
Chalk, for children Supply shelf
Childrens' toys Supply shelf
Club Mate, cold Hackitorium refrigerator
Club Mate, spare ? (maybe underneath back stairs?)
CNC machine, for metal Metal shop
CNC machine, not for metal Turing
CNC machine, to be attached to a door (?) ? (2021-10: Upstairs somewhere)
COR1A (Common Networks blob routers) Turing (2021-10: in ceiling above Turing, but we're planning to get rid of most of them soon)
Ear plugs Supply shelf
Exit signs, spare Front area (bottom shelf w/ stickers & t-shirts)
Fire extinguisher Front area (next to chain for rollup door)
Fire extinguisher ? (2021-10: I'm sure we have others around the space)
First aid kit + (small ones in each bathroom, TODO explain exactly where)
First aid kit Woodshop (TODO explain exactly where)
First aid kit Supply shelf
Gloves, disposable, vinyl Supply shelf
Gloves, work Supply shelf
HDMI cable, very long (30/60 ft?) RNA Lounge
Heat gun Electronics room
Heat gun Soldering station
Heat gun Sewing room
Heat shrink tubing Electronics room
Heat shrink tubing Soldering station drawers
Highlighters Turing drawers
Iron, clothing Sewing room
Iron, soldering See soldering supplies
Ladders Woodshop (2021-10, by wall next to hack shelves)
Laminator Turing (2021-10-22, currently on a table, permanent home TBD)
Markers Turing drawers
Markers, chalk Supply shelf
Markers, whiteboard Front area (behind welcome whiteboard)
Measuring tape Supply shelf
Mops Hackitorium (front corner near area under stairs)
Nuts see Screws
Payphone Hackitorium project shelves (as of 2021-10-16; looks like someone is doing something with it?)
Paint, for art Supply shelf
Paint, spray Supply shelf
Paper clips Supply shelf
Pencils See pens
Pens Supply shelf
Pens Turing drawers
Plants, potted Porch
Pliers Electronics room (2021-10: bin of them somewhere on the table)
Pliers Turing (near 3D printers, for use there)
Rubber bands Supply shelf (top drawer)
Rulers Turing drawers
Rulers Woodshop
Safety goggles Supply shelf
Gloves, disposable, vinyl Woodshop (box on upper shelves)
Scissors Sewing room drawers
Scissors Turing drawers
Screws Electronics room (2021-10: probably, somewhere)
Screws Woodshop (bins and boxes on wire shelves)
Screws Woodshop cart (metric assortment in plastic box) (2021-10: I think? but haven't looked recently)
Screwdrivers Electronics room (2021-10: probably, somewhere)
Screwdrivers Soldering station drawers
Screwdrivers Woodshop cart (second drawer down? with wrenches)
Soldering supplies (irons, solder, etc) Electronics room
Soldering supplies (irons, solder, etc) Soldering station
Sponges Supply shelf (in white bucket)
Squash, decorative Supply shelf
Stapler, saddle-stitch Turing (2021-10: between 2D printer and CNC machine)
Stickers Front area (shelf on wall outside of Turing)
Sticky notes Turing drawers
Sticky notes Supply shelf
Tape (packing, blue, masking, etc) Front area (2021-10: on pole between garbage bins and sticker shelf)
Tape, Scotch Turing drawers
Trash Front area
Trash bags Supply shelf
T-shirts, purple, Oshpark branded Supply shelf (top drawer)
T-shirts, for sale Front area (shelf on wall outside of Turing)
USB charger (with micro/lightning/USB-C cables) Hackitorium (plugged in to power strip on table for general use)
USB chargers, condition unknown Electronics room (2021-10: scattered in random bins)
Utility knife See box cutter
Vinyl cutter Sewing room (2021-10: back right corner)
Welder Woodshop (2021-10: under table with drill press, sander, etc.)
Wire Electronics room (2021-10: “wire rack” in back right corner along wall, next to 3D printers)
Wire Electronics room (2021-10: in several boxes on floor near/beneath far right corner of tables)
Wire Soldering station (2021-10: a small white cardboard dispenser containing several reels)
Wire cutters Electronics room (2021-10: there's a plastic bin full of them on the tables)
Wire cutters Soldering station drawers
Wrenches Woodshop cart (second drawer down?)
Zines Front area (scattered on tables)
Zines Porch (cabinet on table by gate entrance)
Zines RNA Lounge/library?
Zip ties Supply shelf

Things being looked for[edit | edit source]

If you think something is in the space but can't find it, add it here. If you see something on this list and know where it is, move it to the table above.

  • Clay/kiln/etc