White E-6354

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Status: works, mostly (2022-09-26)

Type: Domestic sewing machine

Year: c. 1930s-40s

Manual: Unavailable at present. This can help with threading.


  • Can't wind bobbin. Bobbin winder rubber is cracked and shrunk with age. Difficult to remove to replace even if a new rubber ring were available. Could be possible to glue to spindle to prevent it from spinning as it winds, and apply a layer of silicone to the outside to help grip the handwheel.
  • Unusual bobbins have large center holes and can't be wound on any other winder in the room. A work-around is to wedge a small piece of leather into the center of the bobbin to allow it to be put on the winding spindle on another machine.
  • Bobbin case falls out of machine easily, but is not generally a problem while sewing.
  • Foot bar might be a little low? Lifter feels very loose.