Woodshop Safety Basics

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This class is currently being hosted the second Sunday of each month by MJO (talk).

The class is structured primarily around two common power tools: The table saw, and the miter saw. At the end of the class, there will often be some time to ask questions about other tools in the space.

This class is geared towards beginners, and if you already feel comfortable in a shop through prior training either at Noisebridge or elsewhere, you are welcome to use the tools you are familiar with. If you still want a refresher, or would like to become familiar with how our shop handles project storage, organization, safety, or responsibilities, it is good to take the class.

There is a small fee for taking this class, which you can find on our meetup. If for any reason you cannot afford to pay this fee, reach out to the event host and ask about getting in on the class. We do not turn anyone down for lack of funds.