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April 22nd 2017

World Create Day

If you're interested in this please add something to this page, like a project you want to work on, a lightning talk or anything else.


  • < 11am Setup
  • 11am Doors Open
  • Noon - Quick 5 min talk from Jordan about Hackaday Prize!
  • 13:37 TBD
  • 3:14pm TBD
  • 16:20 TBD
  • Five TBD
  • Seven TBD
  • 22:00 TBD
  • 23:00 Clean Up
  • ????

Suggested Agenda (pulled from other World Create Day events):

  • 11am: Doors open
  • 12:00pm: Form teams, brainstorm and create your project proposals. See the other entries here: [1] (Also: Pizza for the masses!)
  • 2pm: Share your ideas and get feedback from other teams
  • 2:30pm: Submit your project ideas to the Hackaday Prize design challenge according to [2]
  • 3pm: Wrap up and celebrate!