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Saturday, November 23, 14:00[edit]

takes place at the CHURCH classroom

OOTSIDEBOX open source, open Hard-Ware Touchless 3D Gesture User Interface[edit]

OOTSIDEBOX's 3Dpad - Touchless & gesture control Arduino shield is now available on Indiegogo: [1][edit]

Headline text[edit]

Live demos, explainations about the technology, open discussions around Touchless-3D-Gestural-Interaction[edit]

7 key concepts underlaying the design of OOTSIDEBOX's tablet accessory (Smart cover)


   The product will be launched early 2014 on Kickstarter. The pledges we plan:
        Smart cover mechanics + electronic boards as a DIY kit.
        Functionnal Smart Cover including electronics for Android 7 inch tablet.
        Functionnal Smart Cover including electronics plus an Android 7 inch tablet.

Open source, open HardWare:

   The electronics schematics and the source code will be delivred under Creative Commons licence (CC BY-NC-SA).


   The software will be compatible with Arduino's IDE and the microcontroler will be an ATMEL.


   Our software is compatible with Android devices, we send the 3D input coordinates and gesture events on the USB OTG port.


   A nice bunch of apps will be available: gaming, cooking and playing music.


   For game developers, OOTSIDEBOX's input will be very easy to use due to the plug-in for UNITY 3D game engine.

3D Printer:

   We will deliver the mechanical sketches (under Creative Commons Licence). And our design will be oriented in the way that you can use a 3D Printer to make your own custom version.

Feel free to contact Jean Noel: jnl.ootsidebox@gmail.com