Year 1 Open Hacker House

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Note: This page is about an event that has already happened. It took place on Oct 2 2009. | Edit

Bring your geeky friends, come get your hack on!

Friday October 2nd
6PM - 11PM
Noisebridge, 2169 Mission Street San Francisco CA Map

What is this event?

Noisebridge is a space for sharing, creation, collaboration, research, development, mentoring, and of course, learning. Noisebridge is also more than a physical space, it's a community with roots extending around the world. We help people build neat and awesome things. Don't know what Noisebridge is? Check out our wiki!

October will mark the 1 year anniversary of our physical presence. Year 0 was our TAZ phase, we're past that and proud of it. This event will be a celebration to showcase neat stuff Noisebridge has made in it's first year of existence, plus to show off our new location! Come on by and check out what we've been up to.

Projects Showcase

Noisebridge year1-flyer-small.png

Electronics Lab

BrainMachine thumbs.jpg

Cyborg group

Dark Optics Lab

  • Photography from Noisebridge
  • A Dark Room
  • Slide projector



  • OpenEEG
  • Weird things on a projection screen written in Python
  • Parking meter reverse engineering and analysis
  • The Cold Boot Attack
  • The Rouge CA certificate project
  • libmsr
  • Misc. Free Software

Hacked Up Musical Performances

  • DIY instrument modifications and decorations from the lovely Corpus Callosum
  • Circuit bending with Caly McMorrow
  • Performance and cool projects by Komega
  • Mind blowing, clever, beautiful, twisted music performance by BlipVert


  • Way cool VJs: Steen, Vlad's astral form, MattBot, and David Witherell
  • Photography out the wazoo.

5 Minutes of Fame

Reverse Engineering Bar

  • Awesome geeky drinks
  • Tech support for your metrosexual and hipster computing needs
  • Pabst Blue Ribbon

Who's invited?

Members, non-members, anyone who's interested in Noisebridge and general hacking. This is an all ages opening.

There is no cover! Noisebridge is a 501c3 nonprofit that likes to make as much of its resources available and open as possible, including events like this. We do encourage and appreciate donations, which might get put towards completing the build out of our new space! Please donate so we can keep on building cool things.

Tell your friends!

Here are some links to neat flyers you can spam your friends with, plus photos.

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