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ZIP4 production is underway to reboot the zine to resume a quarterly production cycle.

  • PUBLICATION TARGET: Valentines Day Feb 14 2022 to coincide with the original anniversary releases.

Volunteers Needed[edit]

We need many kinds of helpers:

  • Editors to wrangle the writing and imagery together and solicit content from potential contributors.
  • Writers to write about all the thought-provoking and silly things that have been happening.
  • Designers to do page layouts.
  • Artists to illustrate the articles and decorate Noisebridge.
  • Photographers to take pictures of things around the space and hacker world.
RECRUITING! Maintainer volunteers wanted, consider volunteering to become a maintainer. (Edit)

Name Ideas[edit]

  • ZIP: Zero Imperil Pandemic

Content Ideas[edit]

  • Transcribe a selection of our 5moF talks that have happened since the last ZIP3.
  • Put all the articles on the wiki as links prior to publication so we have an actual zine in progress and navigable without using PDF.
  • Mixed reality AR and VR versions so you can project it into reality or visit it in VRChat/Aframe.

ZIP4/BACH SITREP 2022 : Bay Area Consortium of Hackerspaces Situation Report 2022[edit]

Invite articles from all our Bay Area hacker constituencies.

ZIP4/Hackerspaces SITREP 2022: Hacking The Pandemic Planet[edit]

How are the OG spaces like C-Base and Metalab doing?

  • Regional updates
    • Europe
    • North America
    • Middle East: Where In The World Is Bilal and GEMSI?
    • Asia: Noisebridge visited China and Singapore. What are they up to now?


  • What does the Metaverse backlash against Facebook/Meta mean for independent non-FB Metaverse platforms?
  • What is going on with NFTs and do they have legit uses for cyberspace?
  • A NoiseCoin: What could it be for that would be consistent with our values?