ZIP4/Collective Brain Drain

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The collective brain drain is the great drop in participation felt across not just the maker/hackerspace movement but the whole spectrum of community organizations worldwide. It's not just movie theaters and tourism that have been hurting. What are hackerspaces and other .orgs to do about it?

How bad is it?[edit]

The collective brain drain in numbers[edit]

How much has participation dipped during the COVID pandemic?

TODO: A chart of polling data from BACH hackerspaces.

TODO: A graph of hackerspaces active based on Hackerspaces data.

What are we to do about it?[edit]

Safety Protocols[edit]

What are the best practices for making things as safe as possible?

Streaming and hybrid events[edit]

Noisebridge, like many event spaces, went streaming only during the initial pandemic and after vaccination allowed partial reopening it evolved into a hybrid model with a new challenge of bridging physical participants with the online ones.

TODO: What are the best ways of doing streaming and hybrid events?

TODO: How do we manage social cohesion?

Diaspora Outreach[edit]

TODO: How do we reach our lapsed partipants and new ones in the future?