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Noisebridge's 15th anniversary is coming up next year and after going through a move and rebuilding while being closed a long time due to COVID safety concerns, it will take some excellent ideas and to-do-ocracy in every part of Noisebridge to find ways to ramp back up and hit some goals to make our 15th anniversary a strong year to celebreate. Surviving at all was possible due to some good fortune and generosity and dedication, but we want to do more than just survive and we'd like to see ideas that work for many spaces help us all make 2022 and 2023 better years than the crucible we've been going through.

Goals for NB15[edit]

What do we want to accomplish for 2015? What are some ideas for achieving them?

  • Hold a ZIP4/DIY Maker Fair 2022 across all BACH spaces to help us all rebuild participation and inter-space collaboration.
  • 10X our participation numbers by doing new, improved and more frequent Outreach and Events to rebuild participation numbers and make the space more fun for all.
  • Add your ideas here