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This page is for Issue One of the ZiP (Zine in Progress), since the Drupal ZiP web portal probably won't be up and running for a bit yet. The full issue is expected to be finished and print-ready by Jan. 19, 2012, to be debuted at 5 Minutes of Fame.

Here is a draft version of the Table of Contents for the first issue (subject to change and expansion).


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>ZiP ISSUE ONE

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>January, 2012

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Front Cover

p. 1>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Table of Contents

p. 2-3>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Love @ First H@ck: Intro to ZiP

p. 4>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Calendar: Upcoming Events

p. 5>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>WHO'S WHO / Know Your Hackers: Turing, Church, Hopper

p. 6-7>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Experimental Mycology / The Shroom Report

p. 8-9>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>TASTEBRIDGE - Recipes, Dinners, Review of Holiday Meals

p. 10-13>>>>>>>>>>>>>HACKER'S DIGEST – headlines, tech news, society gossip

p. 14>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>NAMES MATTER: Forget that quote from Shakespeare

p. 15>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Zine Name List / Odd-Toed Ungulate Software Nomenclature

p. 16-18>>>>>>>>>>>>>REPORTS FROM 28c3

p. 19>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>CONSENSO, The Noisebridge Oracle

p. 20>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Jan. 31st Annual Meeting

p. 21>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Digital Blueprint of Noisebridge

p. 22>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>“The Sound of Protest” - digital collage for OWS

p. 23-24>>>>>>>>>>>>>EUGENE TSUI: Architect of the Future?

p. 25-27>>>>>>>>>>>>>SPACEBRIDGE – OccuCopter?

p. 28-30>>>>>>>>>>>>>CIRCUIT WORKS electronics, gadgets, wires, hardware

p. 31>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Fake Advertising


p. 33>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>3-PARAGRAPH ESSAY / 5 MINUTES OF FAME (3pE/5MoF)

p. 34-36>>>>>>>>>>>>>BINARY RAINBOW - software, programming, code, security, Linux etc

p. 37>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>NOISEBRIDGE ENTRANCE - by Liz from Noisebridge Coloring Book

p. 38>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>HACKER TREASURES - Draper's whistle, Turing's Enimga, Gibson's typewriter

p. 39-40>>>>>>>>>>>>>SCIENCE FICTION + HACKERS: Silver and Gold

p. 41>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>EYE CANDY: Visual art, images, ASCII portraits

p. 42-43>>>>>>>>>>>>>POLITICAL HACKTIVISM - Occupy Wall Street, NDAA, Social Anarchism, SOPA etc

p. 44>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>PROFILE of a Noisebridge member, one per issue w/ funny interview

p. 45>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>GEOMETRY SPOTLIGHT: Dodecahedron

p. 46>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE TAO OF NOISEBRIDGE - Approved by His Wooliness, The Dalai Llama

p. 47>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Mail Order Items: T-shirts, postcards, ZiP copies etc.

p. 48>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>HACKER HUMOR – Don't Worry, Be Hackers

p. 49>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>COMIC: The Noisebridge Muppet Show

p. 50>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>GEEKS & DEPRESSION

p. 51>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>ACADEMIA: Classes, workshops, Corvid College, etc

p. 52-53>>>>>>>>>>>>>POETRY & CREATIVE WRITING

p. 54-55>>>>>>>>>>>>>GAMES

p. 56>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>CRAFTS / SEWING / FASHION

p. 57>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>FILM / PHOTOGRAPHY

p. 58>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>END CREDITS / Next Issue Teaser

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Back Cover