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This is intended as an idea sharing and working meetup for zine and book creators, writers, and artists! If you love making (or want to learn to make) low cost DIY magazines, join us!

This may also become a space where you can get help for a zine bee, and we all pitch in to help fold and staple your zine print run.

Organizer: User:Lizzard

Meetup plans[edit | edit source]

Wed. April 19[edit | edit source]

  • show and tell some zines or current projects
  • we will look at organizing a section of the print shop for zinemaking materials
  • suggestions for what we should stock in the print shop
  • ideas for displaying/selling zines at Noisebridge
  • meta zines about noisebridge?
  • work on stuff!

NOTES: Noisebridge Press founded; we will create Signal to Noisebridge zine! First issue , editors Dana, Liz, Emeline, Maggie subject, tours of bay area hackerspaces!

Wed Apr 26[edit | edit source]


Future topics[edit | edit source]

  • find free online zines, print some, make them
  • digital tools
  • hand paste up tricks
  • inside out books!
  • putting physical objects on copy machine!
  • gather clippings !

Resources at Noisebridge[edit | edit source]

Color printer[edit | edit source]

(add the model and info)

Color photo printer[edit | edit source]

We have a Canon color photo printer that may be useful for small print runs of color covers. There is also a supply of donated paper. If you want to do a big print run, you might need to donate or bring more paper or ink.

Paper and cardstock[edit | edit source]

Describe where it is

Binding[edit | edit source]

  • Saddle staplers (one flat, one structured)
  • heavy duty stapler
  • laminating machine

Layout and other[edit | edit source]

  • clear tape, glue sticks, small exacto knives, b/w washi tape
  • Markers, pens, paint
  • Books in our library, good for copy & cut & paste material
  • bone folders

Other resources[edit | edit source]

(Add tips about local printers, costs, etc)

  • Kelly Paper, great for buying reams of fancy paper & cardstock

Accessibility[edit | edit source]

Accessibility info:

  • Level entrance to the street (and bathroom)
  • Wheelchair / scooter accessible bathroom
  • It can be unpredictably loud in the space
  • It is sometimes a chaotic environment
  • There is good ventilation and airflow (large garage door that is open; high ceilings
  • Contact the organizer with any questions or particular access needs and we will do our best to accommodate those needs!