Meeting Notes 2007 12 20

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A very limited set of notes.

meeting notes 12-20

round of introductions


  • relationship with bill (formal, informal, money, improvements, etc)

legal nonprofit? bill sez not necessary

  • funding - eurpoean, passive funding? sell Club Mate (red-bull like drink) memberships

how much membership? 42 x 20 euros

Jake knows people who will fund us if we're a 501c-3

that's not an immediate thing, we need tyo get going first

start up via donated items &, well, hacking

Jonas: start collecting membrship dues now? how about $10 David: we need a treasurer Mitch vounterrs to be treasurer

discussion about whether it's too early to collect money

moving here & there, meeting periodically?

jake: let's first focus on whether bills space is the right space

prolly we won't all be working there at the same time

? better some space than no space

bill's space is month to month, let's see how it works for a while

there will be construction happening, bill says maybe his company will move in April. we need to have that discussion with him, will there be ceilings falling on our projects & when? bill hasn't got plans yet, he only knows what must be done. roof & skylights come first, foundation also needs work

reminder that we need to build an access system so the downstairs isn't accessible to all of us

we could piggyback on some existing 501c3 if necessary but for bill, it's not

show of hands, do we want to move forward on this space? everyone here yes. need to formalize this on wiki or by email

donations were given in the amount of $221 and a bus transfer (expired) Mitch is the treasurer for this money and he will hold it until we all decide what to do with it.

action items? there were some, i missed a lot of them. some were wiki pages that got made.

rubin: don't feel bad if all you can contribute is shitloads of money

work party: someone leads a project and gets the stuff, & organizes it, and says, for example, come over tuesday between 7 and 10 and be told what to do.