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Welcome to the Hacker Trip To China main page![edit]

Welcome to China!

About HTTC[edit]

From 2009 through 2019 Mitch organized Hacker Trips To China as a way of showing people what China had to offer, as well as encouraging people from all over the world to share what they know and love with people we would meet as we traveled. Of course, everyone learned a lot from people in China as well.

There was no charge for going on an HTTC. Everyone was welcome. The only requirement for joining an HTTC was to show up at the hotel stated on the HTTC's wiki page on the posted date.

Each HTTC started as a preliminary trip outline posted on the HTTC's wiki page for that year. As we traveled, the itinerary filled up, and many magical experiences ensued.

Mitch is no longer organizing HTTC's

Upcoming Hacker Trips to China[edit]

None planned -- Mitch is no longer organizing HTTC's

Past Hacker Trips to China[edit]

HTTC #1 -- 2009
HTTC #2 -- 2012
HTTC #3 -- 2013
HTTC #4 -- 2014
HTTC #5 -- 2015
HTTC #6 -- 2016
HTTC #7 -- 2017
HTTC #8 -- 2018
HTTC #9 -- 2019
HTTC #10 -- 2021 -- Torrey wanted to organize this, but the pandemic