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At the Anarchafeminist Hackerhive meetups we talked early on about trying to identify points of unity we could agree on.

Rachel looked at 20 other "points of unity" documents [got links?] from progressive or radical organizations including the Black Panthers, Occupy Oakland, and others, to try to pull out commonalities we might think about as a foundation for articulating what we share. (Note: Put in the full list of groups; it's interesting}

We haven't had much direct discussion but no one objected to this stuff other than to note that we are within capitalism and have jobs, are in startups, and so on, so it isn't a sort of purity test so much as it is an ideal or a goal.

We also discussed that we have broad differences in what we believe politically, as feminists, or ethically and there is room for people to speak or act individually or to band together as working groups for making statements or doing actions but still speak as part of the bigger group.


What these groups have in common.

They're for:[edit]

  • self-determination
  • restitution
  • cooperatively-controlled and owned:
    • work
    • housing
    • education
    • resources, justice media, abundance, community

They're against:[edit]

  • capitalism
  • externally determined rules (as opposed to self or group-internal determined)
  • colonial/imperial expansion (what does this mean in a digital context? facebook is

really colonial, we need to talk about that).

  • the idea of property rather than of stewardship (we acknowledge that people should feel a

sense of ownership over the things they work on, but how do you separate that from the bad things?)

Other ideas found in common w/ these groups:[edit]

  • consensus is really important
  • quality / access of choice
  • peace, or de-escalation
  • social revolution (an alternate view from militaristic revolution)
  • universal rights and local empowerment (made by the people who are affected by those decisions)
  • solidarity
  • process vs. goal oriented (in terms of approach. part of how groups define themselves).

Please discuss on the mailing list (or on the talk page if you like)