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Meetups for the Anarchafeminist Hackerhive have been very loosely structured.

The meetups mostly take place in public so sometimes there are guys around, but not participating. When guys have wanted our attention during the meetup, we explain that during this limited time, it's not available to them. But they are welcome to bring us cupcakes.

Meetups are settling into a pattern where we do show & tell first about projects, what we're working on, excited about, thinking about, or planning.

Then some discussion. Introductions are usually necessary since we have new people every time, people arrive over the course of the meeting, or join in the middle, and also we tend to forget names and faces easily.

People talk about their work, backgrounds in programming, or thoughts about what "hacker" means and "feminist hacker".

So far there is some interest in crypto stuff, and some in programming projects and working together and having hackathons or hack days, and some in hardware/materials hack stuff all amidst a general awareness of gender issues and support & respect for each other. We are all sharing skills and learning stuff, which is nice.

By the end of the meetup (and usually all during it) we are all actively working on stuff, either key signing, coding, installing stuff that was recommended by others, doing hardware or maker projects, and so on as we continue to hang out and have casual conversation.

Here are some notes about our meetups so far: