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Header[edit | edit source]

Donate to Noisebridge's Patreon!
Noise-bridge has set 2 new goals on patreon: $5000/mo and $10,000/mo
These hasten the goal of a permanent home by August 2019.  Please help with recurring donations of all sizes, including a building!

Edit below[edit | edit source]

Noisebridge has a home through July 2019!  A new lease has been signed, extending the stay at 2169 Mission for another year.   The new lease grants more time to the search for a permanent Noisebridge location.  

Fundraising effors continue, looking for donors large and small.  A monthly recurring target of $30,000 buys a new, larger space with plenty of room for activities.  With better equipment and more space for classes and hacking, Noisebridge will serve an ever larger slice of the community.  Please help!  The donation links are at the top of this email.  Since the beginning of this drive just a few short months ago, recurring donations increased over $5,000, nearly doubling.  Provide help beyond money with grant writing or helping the working group with outreach and messaging!

Noise-bridge now has a Saw Stop!  If you aren't aware, watch a few videos, including a hot dog one.  If you've been afraid of learning how to use a table saw, fear no more. 
However, please read the instructions on the table!  Triggering the Saw Stop is expensive, and some materials will do do, like wet wood.

A couple recurring events, specifically Circuit Hacking Mondays and the Python class, are recruiting people to help out, maybe you can do it?  Neither of these events require expertise, and anyone can be trained quickly, especially by attending the events themselves.  If you like teaching and want to help others learn these skills, please reach out to someone at Noisebridge, including replying to this email.

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