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Parklets are little parks that take up parking spots. We can apply for a permit to build one in front of Noisebridge. If granted, the application process will cost $1,632.50, and we'll need to ensure we're adequately insured (and add the city to our policy). We'll also need approval from our landlords.

Pledged donations[edit]


This would likely be in the 2 non-yellow parking spots just north of Mi Ranchito's yellow-marked loading zone.

Measurements of the spot:

  • Application (Parklet Site Plan) Noisebridge ParkletSitePlan.png


We are contacting Noisebridge's neighbors to talk about the parklet and its support.

Mi Ranchito. Contact Wally 510-395-2433. They like the idea of the parklet.

Leandro Soto Apartments 415-552-9443 (owner: 2155 mission corporation (formerly a non-profit) contact: Dalila Ahumada and the phone number is (415) 487-3240)

Landlord (someone needs to talk with him):


Planning Dept. - DPW paving calendar, 2012 mission paving project might affect our design, our permit, decision to wait instead of build.

MTA is doing a TEP around the city to streamline traffic. That may be combined with the DPW project.

Average price 7-10K but we will come in way under that cost from doing the labor ourselves.

One thing we need to nail down is water hookup to wash the spot either from the apt. or from the grocery.


  • benches and tables
  • bike parking
  • Solar powered sparkley lights
  • Wifi
  • A sort of booth thing like Lucy has in Peanuts. Information, demos, puppet shows, whatever
  • Images projected from a projector at night from our balcony
  • Living wall
  • flickr pool for PARK(ing) Day photos: