Pulse Necklace 12Dec2009

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Hack Notes, Pulse Choker, Dec 12th, 2009[edit]

Sensor brain storming[edit]

We went back to the sketch board to re-think our pulse choker. From scanning through the web and research papers, optical methods of heart rate detection are best on the finger (like wireless heartbeat ring from Asada, et al., 2003). Most groups that put the sensor on the neck detected readings from pressure of the pulse (like heartbeat detecting pillow from Chen, et al., 2004). We think we'll stick with the ECG method though. The signal is good. We just need to spend time processing it to remove muscle artifacts and spurious noise. We will also work towards making the electrode contact is solid.

Armature brain storming[edit]

Eric finished building the bracelet kit from Aniomagic, a company that sells some soft circuit hacking stuff. It's a great design to model ours after. We are considering LED chips, and as far as we know, there are a couple options: Lilypad LEDs from Sparkfun, and similar LED chips from Aniomagic.