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[edit] Update

The event on October 15 and 22 has been canceled. Please join the upcoming events in the future. Thanks!

[edit] Overview

Welcome to Sunday Morning iOS Peer Lab Meetup event page. The idea of the peer lab is pretty simple: get together with your fellow iOS developers for a cup of coffee - bring your laptop and work on whatever you want. Enjoy a nice Sunday morning with code and fruitful discussions with your peers.

Read more about the idea on the artsy blog:

Target audience: iOS developers who are motivated to spend their Sunday mornings coding but don't want to this alone - all experience levels welcome!

[edit] Event Details

[edit] When

Every Sunday morning. The event is 11am to 1pm.

[edit] Where

Hackitorium (main space) at Noisebridge. The event hosting area might be changed when other events are scheduled.

[edit] Contacts

The event organizer is Keita Ito. If you have any questions, please send an email to

[edit] More Information

Please check out iOS Peer Lab Meetup page.

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