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Come and Create With Us!

Our 5,200 square-foot space (483m2) contains an electronics lab, machine/wood shop, sewing/crafting supplies, two classrooms, conference area, and library. Everyone is welcome to use our many resources. Find others to create with, help with your projects & help others with their projects. Learn, teach, share. Come to Noisebridge and create!

Noisebridge is as open as possible. Typical "open hours" are from 11:00am-10:00pm, however this varies greatly depending on scheduled events and who is using the space on any given day. New visitors are welcome any time (all ages, all skill levels), as long as someone is in the space and able to answer the door. During scheduled events we are more likely to have volunteers available to show you around and make introductions.

The Noisebridge wiki has some new restrictions to help combat spam and harassment. If you're logged in with a newer user account and having trouble creating a page or uploading a file, follow these instructions or reach out to a Noisebridger with an established account. Not sure how to find one? Ask around in the space or come to a Tuesday meeting.