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Hello. My name is Chris Lombardi. Im a human very interested in life on this planet.

I currently live in northern california, in the foothills of Mt. Lassen. I started out this life on the east coast of the US in New England, and since the 90's, have called the west coast my home. I seem to have traveled alot...i don't see why we should not experience as much as we can while we are able.

My jobs since the 80's have always involved computers and graphics in one way or another, bridging the gap between people and computers. Lately i've been more of a Webineer, designing and implementing front-ends and graphics, but also getting into setting up data structures and access tools, freeing up ways in which data can be accessed.

I like controlling networks of things - like autonomous objects that speak to one another...I would like to make interactive clothes that do this sort of thing. Micro-controllers and electronic fabric, here i come!

My interests vary widely, from interactive electronic art displays, to sewing, to cooking.

Im always a sucker for the stimulation of the eyes...i often refer to particularly interesting visual patterns as "making the eyes dance". Displays in new or unusual mediums, like steam or air plasma displays, are awesome. I have dreamed and hope to have someday a display in mid-air...i really think it can be done.

My pursuits these days are taking me on a journey in Chemistry. I believe that most if not all things experienced on this planet can be understood on a very quantum-physio-chemical level, and i'd like to share that knowledge, explore what we can do with it to help this earth, and make art of and with chemistry.

Nature, both micro and macro, is an important part of me. I love to hike the wilderness, and hope i can see some of the beauty of the Chinese countryside while i am there.

And being with Mitch on this trip will be quite a treat! I've known Mitch and his inventions for a long time, and am excited to be seeing the excellent and cool places where these and other things are made and meeting the people who make them.