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[edit] Quick Bio

Here's a quick bio of me - as this is public, I'll keep it brief!

I've graduated from the University of Leicester in England, with a 1st Class Honours degree in Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. Now living in Manchester, where I work at a really awesome digital consultancy company! Manchester is an amazing city!

Check my website out!!

Really looking forward to meeting everyone. This is my first time travelling East - excited and nervous :) Come and say hello if I haven't said hello already - always interesting to chat to new people.

[edit] Interests

I'm really interested in the internet of things, and the social consequences involved. Designing software architecture, programming the code, testing and evaluating are all things I can do.

My passions include:

  • I love web - HTML5, CSS3, Javascript (node, angular, and raw...), PHP(say what you want about PHP, it has it's place!).
  • I love arduino, though I could do with refreshing my skills!
  • I love Android dev - my final year project for university was an Android app.
  • I'm looking for a better way to develop Raspberry Pi applications. Any ideas of links are welcome!

[edit] Other Info

  • I like swimming and badminton.
  • Bill Bryson's books are amazing. Really like his humour.
  • I love a good laugh, and try to enjoy whatever I happen to be doing.
  • Despite that I'm an introvert at heart, and love some quiet downtime.
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