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How do I get my access token to reflect my philanthropy?[edit]


Earl isn't working, what do we do?[edit]

Try turning it off and on again (there's an extension cord that runs up and to the left of the main entrance to Noisebridge). This is known to fix gibberish on the control panel screen and occasional issues where the downstairs RFID reader stops working. If, after waiting a minute or two, it is clear that this has not fixed it, try contacting someone listed on the Earl page.

Will you renew my token?[edit]

While theses are not hard and fast rules, here are some things that I consider before renewing a token: - Do I have some idea who this person is? - Have I recently noticed them doing something that benefited Noisebridge of their own accord? - Is this a person I trust to act excelently in Noisebridge?