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Build server buildout docs to explain server. Create a "quickstart" guide for the things necessary to engage with the server.

Also, james posted this on the Matrix Rack channel: What interested people need is comfort in the terminal: SSH Tmux - easy collaboration Text editor - nano vi Bash - basic core utilities for navigating the server Debian packaging basics helpful htop ls df man pipes cat less more And then they can learn about our setup on Unicorn: npm containers (docker docker-compose podman) Python Nginx reverse proxies + letsencrypt Postgresql For rack you’ll also need: git basics - pull requests Ansible basics Gpg key signing (I believe it is required) Caddy reverse proxies If this is too much to ask, I understand. Since these are real services the maintainers will benefit from experience in running their own web services and managing containers. It also really helps to understand what documentation is, how github works, and how to Google for answers. It is not actually real-time so much as an on-going project which gets easier as you feel more confident. Hope this makes sense, thanks for reading. 10:53 I am really missing the slack/matrix bridge

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