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X60 linkdump



hardening hardware[edit]

misc info derived from Peter Stuge's 30C3 Talk Hardening hardware and choosing a #goodBIOS: Clean boot every boot - rejecting persistence of malicious software and tripping up the evil maid (direct video link)

BIOS flashing[edit]

CPU errata / microcode updates[edit]

(what you might be missing if you opt not to use Intel's microcode updates, as the FSF-certified gluglug systems do):

Lenovo's hardware maintenance manuals[edit]

Embedded controller[edit]

thinkwiki categories[edit]

note that much of the info on thinkwiki does not apply to coreboot users.

libreboot signing key[edit]

The Libreboot developers are signing their source and binary releases with a PGP key which is published on keyservers but is not currently signed by anybody. FWIW, as of Jul 25 44UE, the fingerprint of the signing key published at http://libreboot.org/#rebootkey is C923 4BA3 200C F688 9CC0 764D 6E97 D575 656F 212E