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You are standing at the server rack box in Noisebridge.

EXITS: Servers, Network, Hackitorium

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Machine Rack[edit | edit source]

The rack layout, subject to change

There are two racks in the space, the main one on the first floor near the rolling door, and the secondary one on the second floor directly above the main one. They are small and up high to discourage people from messing with them or installing things in them. The internet works, please leave the boxes alone.

Related[edit | edit source]

Can I install/setup boxes on Noisebridge's network?[edit | edit source]

Short answer[edit | edit source]


Long answer[edit | edit source]

Noisebridge is here to provide infrastructure for creative projects. We're really good at some things. One thing we suck at is administrating boxes setup on our network. They eat power, internet, the attention span of volunteers, and people who set them up generally are bad at communicating later on down the line when something breaks or a machine magically appears.

Noisebridge network infrastructure policy is as such:

  • Critical infrastructure machines (like our access control system): Low power ok!
  • Machines for classes that cannot be hosted on the internet: Low power ok!
  • Personal machines: NO!
  • High power machines: NO!
  • Bitcoin miners: NO!
  • Torrent boxes: NO!
  • Everything else: NO!

Please discuss any proposed installations in #Rack, but in general, please don't host your box at Noisebridge. We can't afford it. Thanks for understanding.

Rack setup[edit | edit source]

This is currently in flux and will be updated once things are more finalized.

RU Item
1-2 Patch Panel
3 TrendNet Unmanaged Switch
4 Ubiquiti EdgeSwitch
5 pegasus.noise
6-7 Shelf with zepplin.noise
9 EdgeRouter (biketrailer.noise)
10 cloud.noise
11 Power Strip
12 UPS

Cyberpower UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply)[edit | edit source]

All the rack infra in the primary rack is plugged into the UPS. If the power goes out, the UPS will provide battery power and also beep.

Administration[edit | edit source]

Access the router UI over https at