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VRChat is the leading "metaverse" in virtue of it being almost any world or avatar you can make with the Unity Editor all mashed together in a delightfully anarchic sprawl of strange and wonderful people and things mixed up with a Blender.

Using VRChat with or without a headset[edit]

VRChat]: It supports 4 main use cases:

  • PC via Steam without a VR headset!
  • PC via SteamVR with a VR headset plugged into the PC (Vive, Index, Quest, Quest 2, etc.)
  • PC via SteamVR via Virtual Desktop via Shadow.tech Cloud Gaming PC.
  • Quest/Quest2 via native Oculus Store Android App. (Some avatars and world will not show up and some shaders will not look as pretty till you switch to PC via one of the above 3 methods.)

== Developing worlds and avatars for the [VRChat SDK] with Unity You can make worlds and avatars by:

  1. # creating an account for VRChat
  2. logging into their site
  3. download their world and avatar SDK packages for Unity.
  4. Read their VRChat SDK Documentation for instrutions on how to make things with Unity
  5. Install the current Unity 2019 LTS version that is compatible with the SDK
  6. Make a new project with the default 3D template
  7. Import the VRChat Worlds SDK unity package
  8. Duplicate and modify the example scene it comes with
  9. Open the VRChat menu and open the VRChat SDK window
  10. Fill out the login and scene description info
  11. Upload the world

== Going from private to Community Labs to public

  1. It will be private only and not show up in anyone's search results without giving them the URL to get to it or inviting them and their favoriting it
  2. To be able to publish to Community Labs, spend time in VRChat making friends and exploring worlds till you rank up trust level.
  3. Users have to enable Community Labs search results in their settings to find it.
  4. To get a Community Labs world approved to show up in the main listings, spend time in it inviting people and trying to attract traffic till you get some hundreds of visitors through it and it gets green lit.