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Noisebridge 2169 had an awesome mural art sign about donating to support keeping Noisebridge hacking. Let's upgrade it to an illuminated sign with LED numbers that can animate when we receive donations.

Station Donation Boxes[edit | edit source]

We can make smaller versions as Station Donation Signs to ask for donations for using expensive high-maintenance machines like the Laser Cutter and 3D Printing machines.

  • NoiseCafe station Fridge
  • 3D Printing station
  • Laser cutter station
  • Sewing station
  • Upstairs hackitorium

Design File[edit | edit source]

The modified for laser-cutting and LED use version mockup will go here:

Current Mockup[edit | edit source]

A first draft mockup of the redesigned sign with vectorized lettering suitable for laser cutting of wood once it has the right scaffolding lines added to it. The vectorization wasn't perfect so there may be some additional cleanup on the lettering or redesign ideas to be done if anyone has suggestions. The LED areas are mocked with fake LED sign bitmaps pending a decision on what the actual LEDs shuld be like or if we could get a big LED matrix to back the whole sign so all the lettering could animate via Flaschentaschen protocol.


Design Files on Slack[edit | edit source]

The original file with cleaned up layout and vectorized letters are too big to upload to wiki, it will be in #fundraising in slack as it gets iterated on till finalized.

Concept Feedback[edit | edit source]

What do people think about it?

  • One idea that occurs to me would be keeping the whole thing as an LED sign digitally animated for more dynamic and seasonal messaging during events, holidays, and so on. We could still use the original design as part of the graphics it would show, just lower-resolution. -User:Lxpk
  • Put your thoughts here

Original 2169 version[edit | edit source]

The cut up translucent version:


2169 Version on the wall[edit | edit source]

The 2169 original:

2169 donation sign.png